Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook Deficiency Syndrome

If u have noticed that yesterday Facebook server was down for about 12 hours. During this period, i realized that i cant live without Facebook!

The condition is so severe that i classify this as a new set of modern disorder syndrome called Facebook Deficiency Syndrome (FDS)


Symptoms includes:

1. Anxious in front of computer

2. Sitting in front of computer, stare at it without doing anything for about an hour

3. Repeatedly clicking 'Refresh' button on each of the webpage even though you know nothing gonna happen

4. Feels like got alot of things to do online but in fact you are just clicking 'Refresh' button

Recommended Treatment:

1. Sleep

2. Revert to Friendster (if u remember what is Friendster)

A friendly community service annoucement by KeiJoe.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Grab your happiness early?

Life at the age of 22 is good.

Fresh out from college. All pumped up for the future. Relaxed and chilled. Not to mention the endless night partying at places you name it.

A winged-bird ready to fly around the world is the right metaphor to describe my life now.

Getting married or got tied down to something is the last thing in my mind now. Who in the world would want to get marry in the prime of his life?

My mentality was cut short.

Recently my friend, KS, married and i was one of the groom's men during fetch-the-bride ceremony and wedding dinner. He is 22 and was the first person from my circle of friends to tie the knots.

Few of KS's friend asked,

"OMFG, isn't it too early to get married?"
"Holy Sh*t, why marry so early la?"

These questions were throw to KS.

Instinctively, i defended KS and i said " There's no early in pursuing happiness."

This sentence that i utter not only answers to their questions but it also struck my mentality and my views about marriage at this age.

And i came to think about it, i realized something deep.

What's wrong getting married at this age?
How sure are you that she is not the one?
Who can gurantee you won't regret if you didnt marry this sweetheart?

Well, when the time you have aged, you will surely look back at these moments and hug your life partner and says "Its good to have you in my life all these years"

This event does make a whole new twist in my mind now. It brings along a sudden realization that marriage is something not too far off for me.

I guess marriage is infectious. I dont know what got into me but my view about marriage is changed.

This post is specially dedicated to two friends of mine, Yap Kok Seng and Foo Chia Yin. Happy Newly-Wed and have a great chapters ahead.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Not So Impressed

Its a typical Wednesday in Ipoh. It was a boring day with nothing much to do. So, i've decided to catch a movie with my frens.

While i was browsing through for the latest movie reviews, one particular movie caught my attention. The movie entitled, Legion.

Pretty cool for a movie poster eh? First impression was cool as this movie is about apocalypse was started because GOD had lost faith in human. But there's an angel named Michael that opposed GOD's order to initiate apocalypse. He tried to save humanity by saving a pregnant woman whose unborn baby is the key to humanity survival.

I've read reviews about this movie prior the cinema. It says that they'll be alot of action in the movie and i'm highly anticipating it.

But, sadly my high expectation for the movie was dissapointed. The plot is somewhat ridiculous. Firstly, angels fighting using guns? Shouldn't they fight with some sort of magical power or something?

And the people possessed by angels is almost zombie-like. I felt the movie is more towards a typical zombie movie where a group of people trapped in a place they wanna defend from man-eating zombies.

Secondly, there's also no concrete reason behind why the baby borned will save humanity. If you have watched, you should know what i meant.

Lastly, during the angel fighting scene between Michael and Gabriel, the ending ended abruptly. It just end with a ridiculous twist to it. Somehow Michael that was killed by Gabrield was revived again for no apparent reason.

Well, I know that i'm not in the position to really say this is a bad movie but in my own personal opinion, this movie plot can be much more interesting if things i mention previously are taken care of.

Different people, different opinion. This movie just didnt cut for me.

Legion anyone?

p/s: this is a just a rant. I'm not converting my blog to movie review blog ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

AKON Freedom Beach Concert @ Sunway

Who the hell is Akon?My friends also complained and said,

" Very hot la, i want AKON (aircond)"

Well, i guess this is not what she means. I myself is not a big fan of Akon previously. I just knew that he sang the song Smack That', Mr.Lonely

Other than that, i've really no idea. Not until i've been invited to his concert by my friend sponsored by CHIVAS.

I went to his concert on the CHIVAS zone or better known as Chivalry zone. Its located just beside the VIP island. Had a good view, but i rather be more closer to the action. But nevertheless, its a sponsored ticket, so what the hell. Lets just go!

Honestly, i was not hoping much in that concert because i just didnt know much bout AKON. Before the concert, i was not very excited about the concert. But one thing did attract me is the stage which is nicely-lighted and looked hype!

The concert was suppose to start at 8 but as usual, some relatively unknown artist started singing and i give them i-dun-give-a-damn-attitude to their performance.

Soon, Akon appeared and the atmosphere just exploded with cheers because everyone was so

He started singing and soon the atmosphere and Akon just WOW me right away. Never i've been so excited before in a concert !!!!!

Er, i've not been to any concert before. But it was just so exhilarating and exciting to dance to the rhythm of Akon's bass-loaded songs. Everyone in the crowd just started to dance like they don't need to walk for the rest of their life anymore. Included me.

The most memorable part was when Akon just jump to the crowd of people a few times! He did that without prior anyone knowing and he just jump to the sea of people.

How i wish i was there so that i can smack his ass and brag to my friends saying,

"I've hit Akon's ass before, have u?" = P

The concert just made my night one of the best yet! Definately i'll go to another Akon concert anytime soon! Thanks Chivas for sponsoring me to such a nice concert and never to forget my friend.

A great concert, great night, great life. Why ask for more?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Equation of my life

A blink of an eye, days past. And what do you know. Its almost weekend again! This week have been rather fun for me. Good for me cause that is what life should be right? fun and enthusiastic.

Lately, i realized something deep within me. I realized that i've became somewhat more crazy and hype. Crazy in the sense that i talked more and more, and joke more a
nd more. It's nothing wrong right? i'm just young adult enjoying life. I guess its jz me rediscovering myself at the crispy age of 21.

For instances, the other night i went to my friend's Ning birthday party. After the party we headed to sing K and we friends had a few bottles of Kampai alcoholic drink. And guess what..

Don't ask me why i am wearing my fren;s scarf, butterfly belt and handbag. I've no idea too.

To rediscover myself, i made a whole new equation for myself.

Normal Keijoe + alcohol = Butterfly-belted, handbagging-scarfy dude

What's your equation of life?